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  1. Coxo Pulp Tester
    • COXO C Pulse Pulp Tester tests the pulp vitality of the tooth. Convenient to operate and specifically designed for the patient's comfort.
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  2. Mani NiTi Flare Files
    • MANI NiTi flare hand files are starting a global revolution.
    • It is used by the movements of vertical reciprocation or lifting.
    • It is non-sterile instrument.

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  3. Angelus Endodontic Ruler
    • Fabricated in high performance polymer: resistant to contact with chemicals.
    • Fabricated in high performance polymer: lightess.
    • CE Mark: guarantee of quality.
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  4. Hossam Heat Treated Gold File Like Protaper Gold Preorder
    • Hossam Heat Treated Gold File With Demarcation Stopper. Stopper Help to check how much times the files have been used.
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  5. Pd Endoseptone Camphor Chlorophenol Thymol with Dexamethasone
    • Endoseptone is a solution which offers a triple-action.
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  6. J Morita Vitapex Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Iodoform
    • Premixed Paste - for immediate use with minimal material waste and clean-up.
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  7. GC Pattern Resin LS Self Cure Acrylic Resin For Post Fabrication
    • Low polymerization shrinkage.
    • Greater accuracy and dimensional stability.
    • Improved defined margins.
    • High strength; ultra smooth surface.
    • No distortion.
    • Strength is not compromised, even in thin layers.
    • Excellent fluidity.
    • Easy manipulation and handling due to thixotrophy.
    • Allows for direct and indirect pattern making technique.
    • High wettability of powder and liquid very easily without mixing.
    • Ash-free.
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  8. Neoendo Flex Rotary Files Refill Pack
    • Gold Thermal Treatment.
    • Triangular Cross Section.
    • Extreme Flexibility.
    • Safety Tip.
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  9. IMD Mtaper Niti Pro Hand Files Refill Pack Like Protaper

    IMD Product Dental M-Taper Files Engine Use

    Size: DX.D1.D2.M1.M2.M3.Assorted.

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  10. Nexobio Soft Dam Liquid Dam
    • Soft Dam is passively adhesive methacrylate - based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whited.
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  11. Kerr Apex ID Apex Locator
    • Customisable settings.
    • Precise measurements.
    • Continuous calibration.
    • Possible to adapt the “point zero” and sound signals for a more intuitive use.
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  12. J Morita Root Zx Mini Apex Locator Limited Stock
    • Root ZX Mini by Morita is a 3rd generation electronic apex locator built on the industry standard Root ZX technology.
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  13. Sybron Endo M4 Safety Handpiece (25846)
    • Before using any NiTi rotary file, it is important to establish a glide path using hand files.
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  14. ECONNECT S Endomotor With Apex Locator (Pre-book)

    Excited about E-CONNECT S.  Pre-book* one for yourself now!

    E-CONNECT S – Cordless endo motor with standalone apex locator

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  15. Prevest Denpro Chlor X Chlorhexidine Based Root Canal Irrigant
    • It is widely indicated as final irrigant during chemomechanical preparation It is choice of irrigant while performing retreatment root canal procedures.
    • It is indicated as an irrigant in apical 3rd of root before retrograde filling during apicoectomy (root end surgery).
    • It is a potent irrigant while treating internal/external resorption cases.
    • It is widely used before sealing (coronal/radicular) perforation in the tooth.
    • It is higly biocompatible to oral tissues.
    • It is known for its pleasant odour & taste.
    • It is largely accepted in uncooperative pediatric patients.
    • Non Irritating, well tolerated by periapical tissues.
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  16. Dentsply ProTaper Next Paper Points
    • The sterile, absorbent ProTaper Next Paper Points X3 match the shape of the ProTaper Next X3 file. These points are colour-coded for easy identification.
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