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  1. Bego Wironit Cobalt Chromium Alloy

    The classic partial denture alloy for clasp partial dentures

    • Successful worldwide since 1953 – ideally suited for conventional clasp partial dentures
    • The high elongation after fracture allows problem-free activation of the clasps
    • The reduced Vickers hardness of 360 (HV10) enables easier finishing and polishing
    • Clear casting point recognition for reliable casting
    • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant due to the firmly passive laye
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  2. Prevest Denpro Ulta Bloc VLC Resin For Blockout
    • For creating reservoir space for bleaching trays.
    • Blocking out undercuts.
    • For laboratory mock-up on models.
    • Other laboratory procedures.
    • Single component material blocks out defects and undercuts on the model quickly, precisely and securely.
    • Simple application with no sticking to instruments.
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  3. Saeshin Strong Micro Motor 204/102L
    • We offer Brush Motor Strong 204-102L. It is a Basic Model, Mini Compact Design Less Vibration Standard Carbon rush Motor.
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  4. VMK Master Paste Opaque 5 gm
    • VITA VMK Masted OPAQUE — for masking the substructure material Three variations are available for the application of the wash opaque (sold separately) or opaque materials
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  5. Vita AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid 20ml
    • VITA AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid can be used to mix all VITA AKZENT Plus powder materials and obtain a moldable mixture with a paste-like consistency.
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  6. Neelkanth Cold Mould Seal Seperating Media
    • When applied to plaster or stone, it seals the pores and forms a smooth surface that gives excellent separation of the denture from the mould. 
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  7. Marathon M4 Lab Type Micromotor Unit Complete Set
    • Compact and portable.
    • Continuous variable speed control.
    • Forward and reverse.
    • Smooth, quiet operation.
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  8. Vita VMK Master Opaque Classical shades 50g
    • Excellent working properties, including improved modeling characteristics, easy and fast handling and minimal shrinkage.
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  9. Vita Opaque Fluid 250 ml
    • Vita VM OPAQUE FLUID for mixing opaque powder. For mixing VITA VM 13 and VM 15 OPAQUE materials.
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  10. API Rolex Sticky Wax
    • Ashoosons API Rolex Sticky Wax.
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  11. Vita VMK Master Powder Dentine Classical Shades 50g
    • From simple minimal powder buildups to the more complex cases with individual characteristics, VITA VMK Master’s optimum firing temperature and chemical and physical properties make it suitable for veneering nearly all types of dental alloys, including non-precious.

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  12. Vita AKZENT Plus Chroma Stains
    Special Price $5,275.00 was $5,292.00
    • VITA AKZENT PLUS stains allow users to optimize the shade of all types of dental ceramic restorations regardless of the CTE of the restoration. 
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  13. Maarc Bite Registration Wax
    • Bite Registration Wax sheets contains Aluminium particles which gives even heating
    • Bite Registration Sheets are dimensionally stable, does not shrink or distort
    • Bite Registration Wax are ideal for checking and maintaining accurate occlusal records
    • Bite Registration Wax when heated at 55°C it turns in to ‘Dead Soft’ in less than 1 minute
    • This Wax adapts to every details and sets by water or room temperature i.e. 27°C.
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  14. Saeshin Lab Brush Motor (Strong210/105L)
    • Foot On/Off control/(Speed Control) Option
    • Right and Left turning ability
    • Handpiece holder
    • Compact design
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