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  1. GDC Mta Carrier - Curved (1.2MM) (MTA4866)
    • GDC Mta Carrier - Curved (1.2MM) (MTA4866)
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  2. Dentsply Gutta Percha Points 2 Percent Normal Taper
    • Reliable insertion down to the apex.
    • Taper: from 0.02 to 0.06.
    • Available in monochrome white in order to avoid tooth darkening.
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  3. Directa Luxator Periotome
    • The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction has become extremely important, especially for patients requiring subsequent implant placement with minimal bone lost.
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  4. Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal Clear
    • Excellent esthetics.
    • Easy to check for changes under sealant.
    • Low viscosity.
    • Effective protection against caries.
    • Painless treatment.
    • Long-term preservation of natural teeth.
    • To seal pits, fissures, and Foramina Caeca.
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  5. GDC Nance Loop Forming Plier (3000/80)
    • GDC Nance Loop Forming Plier (3000/80)
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  6. GDC Tweed O brien Plier (3000/97)
    • This GDC pliers can be used for a variety of specific tasks, including archwire work like loop forming and contouring, as well as torqueing and placing stops in the archwire.
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  7. Ashoosons API Instrument Tray Large
    • Ashoosons API Instrument Tray Large.
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  8. Ashoosons API Cheatle Strerilization Forcep
    • Cheatle Sterilizer Forceps are used to remove sterilised instruments from boilers and formalin cabinets.
    • They are used to ensure that as each item is removed, others are not infected.
    • The forceps are placed in a container of methylated spirits when not in use.
    • Both forceps and container would be sterilized in boiling water at the start of each operating session.
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  9. Coltene Parapost Fiberlux Fiber Post
    • Parallel Translucent Fiber Post Systems. An alternative to metal posts when an esthetic metal-free restoration is desired.
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  10. Neelkanth IntraOral Photographic Mirror Including Occlusal Mirror
    • Superior, scratch less, high clarity acrylic mirror for intra oral photography.
    • Contains lingual large, small, palatial.
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  11. Strauss FG Diamond Burs Depth Cutting 019 6/PK - PR12 - Medium
    • A complete range of top quality Electro Plated FG diamond Burs – All color coded and 100% controlled. Made by Strauss
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